Learning Circle

Learning Circle is a business unit within UniServices (the commercialisation arm of the University of Auckland). They design and deliver a range of professional learning, development and mentoring solutions for educators.

University of Auckland
Branding / Web Design

Project Overview

S&O was tasked to undertake a strategic review of all service offerings, market potential and  facilitate a strategic workshop with their Senior Leadership team to create a 5-year strategic plan. 

The plan called for 13 workstreams to modernise the offerings, shift to digital delivery and respond to changes in the education sector.

Project Results

S&O have been tasked with operationalizing 4 workstreams:

  1. customer experience research to understand how the organisation is performing for it’s customer as well as internal stakeholders, and make recommendations that optimise capabilities of business.
  2. complete rebrand of the business from Future Learning Solutions to Learning Circle,
  3. map out the digital transformation process to future-proof Learning Circle’s course offerings, 
  4. stand up an Employe Value Proposition program that internal team alignment and engagement to deliver on strategic priorities.